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Web Services Industry News

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Jan. 19, 2017
Apple raises its app store prices

Jan. 19, 2017
British universities get £3m IT grant

Jan. 18, 2017
Router security issues again in the news

Jan. 18, 2017
Oracle pushes its quarterly 'CPUA'

Jan. 17, 2017
IBM patches nasty bug in VIOS

Jan. 16, 2017
D-Wave's new quantum hybrid software

Jan. 16, 2017
Gmail phishing attacks increasing

Jan. 16, 2017
France warns its politicians of cyber attacks

Jan. 12, 2017
Google introduces CKMS, beta version

Jan. 12, 2017
Is blockchain technology secure?

Jan. 11, 2017
GoDaddy glitch revokes SSL certs

Jan. 11, 2017
More on the Building IoT Conference

Jan. 11, 2017
Huge security issues with MongoDB

Jan. 10, 2017
Citrix buys app layering firm Unidesk

Jan. 9, 2017
IBM filed over 8,000 patents in 2016

Jan. 6, 2017
The worse ransomware attacks

Jan. 5, 2017
Universities eager to keep the web safe

Jan. 5, 2017
Criminals pose as IT job candidates

Jan. 4, 2017
Smart meters are very insecure

Jan. 4, 2017
Intel to ship its Optane chips

Jan. 3, 2017
PHP Mailer at risk of RCE attacks

Dec. 23, 2016
More on the MicroProfile Java project

Dec. 21, 2016
VMware addresses known password issue

Dec. 20, 2016
Malware that spreads via web ads

Dec. 19, 2016
Insurance underwriters handle breach claims

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